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Tabasco subject nabbed after Playa del Carmen citizen catches him breaking into parking lot cars

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A Tabasco man was captured on the run in Playa del Carmen Friday after being reported for breaking into vehicles. Municipal Police of Solidaridad were patrolling an area of Colosio when they were flagged down by a citizen.

The person asked police for help, pointing to the fleeing man who was reportadly breaking into cars and stealing interior content from a public parking lot.

“After catching up with the man, he was seized with two backpacks, two laptops and various stationery, computer and tools items,” police reported in their statement. Municipal officers proceeded to arrest a man who identified himself as 33-year-old Abraham “N” from Tabasco.

The subject and the seized items were made available to the State Attorney General’s Office for the corresponding legal purposes.