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Suspects wanted in Cancun kidnapping captured on outstanding warrants

Cancun, Q.R. — Three suspects wanted in a Cancun kidnapping have been located and arrested. On Monday, the State Attorney General’s (FGE) Office reported on the capture of the three men who were wanted in the November kidnapping case.

Denis Ángel “N”, Edgar Fernando “N” and José Alfredo “N” were arrested for their involvement in the November 14, 2023 kidnapping of a city resident (not identified). According to the FGE, the three armed men are alleged to have taken the victim to a location from where they made contact with the family and demanded a large sum of cash.

“On November 14 of this year, the defendants Denis Ángel “N” and Edgar Fernando “N”, using firearms, allegedly deprived the victim of his freedom, whom they took to a property in this municipality where José Alfredo “N” was apparently in charge of making phone calls to relatives requesting a large financial amount to free him, a payment that allowed his rescue,” the agency reported in a statement.

After the victim was released, a complaint was filed and arrest warrants against the three men were issued.

Denis Ángel “N”, Edgar Fernando “N” and José Alfredo “N” were taken into custody in the city of Cancun by Investigative Police in coordination with elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security.

The three detained were subsequently transferred to the Social Reintegration Center (prison) of Cancun where they remain.