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Stubborn forest fires continue to burn around Quintana Roo

Rivera Maya, Q.R. — At least a dozen stubborn forest fires continue to burn around the state of Quintana Roo. The latest of the state’s fires started this weekend near the community of Chacchoben in the municipality of Bacalar.

Civil Protection personnel are at the site with elements from the National Forestry commission (Conafor) to help fight the blaze. A bridgde of 30 forest firefighters continue to battle the fire that started Saturday.

“The Prot Civil QRoo, in collaboration with the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) and the Secretariat of Public Works (SEOP) has deployed a special operation to combat a forest fire in the community of Chacchoben.

“To face this emergency, three specialized brigades have been activated: one from Felipe Carrillo Puerto and two from Chetumal with 30 people. In addition, the effort has the support of 6 people from the Ministry of Public Works (SEOP) and a D6,” the Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil QRoo reported.

The latest Bacalar fire. May 18, 2024.

Heavy machinery was brought it to create a 1,000-meter-long firewall to stop the fire from spreading. Guillermo Núñez Leal, the General Director of Civil Protection, said the firewall is essential to prevent the fire from continuing to spread adding they are doing their best to put it out as quickly as possible.

Heavy machinery has been brought in to create a firewall. Photo: Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil May 18, 2024.

“We are doing everything possible to control this situation and minimize the impact,” he said.

Last week, a large wildfire in José María Morelos that threatened homes left dozens of hectares scorched after taking more than three days to extinguish.

On Saturday, Protección Civil Cancún reported on an ongoing wildfire outside the city. “An aerial survey was carried out to recognize and delimit areas affected by active fires which affect shrub vegetation,” Cancun Civil Protection said.

Stubborn forest fires continue to burn around Quintana Roo
Civil Protection Cancun did a flyover Saturday to monitor another wildfire outside the city.
Photo: Protección Civil Cancún May 18, 2024.

According to the federal government, there are currently 13 fires burning around the state of Quintana Roo. Bacalar has reported five fires, Othón P. Blanco and José Maria Morelos with three active fires each, Cancun has two burning outside the city and both Isla Mujeres and Lázaro Cárdenas each report one active fire.

One of those wildfires burning outside the city of Cancun has already consumed more than 250 hectares of scrub.