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State of Quintana Roo returns to a yellow epidemiological light

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The entire state of Quintana Roo will return to a yellow epidemiological light as of Monday. Carlos Joaquin, governor, made the updated announcement Thursday night during the Ciudadana Connection program.

He explained that from September 13 to 19, both the southern and northern region will move forward to yellow, which means an increase in capacity rates for many businesses.

Under the yellow epsdemiological light, retail foods such as convenience stores and supermarkets will operate at their regular capacity, as will banks, hospitals, laundry, schools and construction.

Place such as gyms, exhibitions and markets in open outdoor spaces can operate up to a 70 percent capacity, while gyms and markets in closed spaces will have a 50 percent capacity.

Other venues such as public parks, beaches, hotels, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, parks, golf courses and historic sites can operate with a 60 percent rate, while public transport units will maintain a 50 percent maximum capacity.

Joaquin added that cases of infections have decreased across a majority of the municipalities. Felipe Carrillo Puerto has recorded a 75 percent decrease in infections as has Isla Mujeres with 64%, Cozumel 57%, Solidaridad 50%, Puerto Morelos 49%, Lázaro Cárdenas 49%, Bacalar 48%, José María Morelos 44%, Benito Juárez 41%, Tulum 18%.

The municipality of Othón P. Blanco in the south is the only one who has registered an increase of 9 percent. Last week, the state was advanced to a yellow epidemiological light at the federal level, but kept orange at the state level.