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SSC says cartel social media messages aimed at Cozumel citizens ‘false information’

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) says circulating social media messages posted by alleged criminal members is “false information.” Several social media messages began circulating over the weekend allegedly posted by the New Jalisco Generation Cartel warning citizens to not leave their homes.

In a message Sunday, the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) said “we have detected messages that are circulating with the clear intention of misinforming citizens about alleged acts of violence in the municipality of Cozumel through WhatsApp numbers, pointing out that they should not leave their homes due to organized crime activities.

The SSC says the circulating social media messages are old and chain forwarded from other states.

“The general population is asked not to fall into the deception of spreading fake news. These messages are even copied from chats from other states also broadcast in other years and forwarded in a chain by cell phone numbers intended for that purpose without having any support, therefore, through our cyber police department, the operation center they use for this dissemination is being investigated and those responsible found.

“This is false information and there is no record in 9-1-1 or direct reports to this corporation. We reiterate our commitment to citizens and invite them to stay informed through official channels.

“In Cozumel, the coordinated operation between federal, state and municipal intelligence and operation agencies for the security and protection of citizens is maintained.”