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SRE says they have no knowledge of Mexican volunteers fighting in Ukraine’s International Legion

Mexico City, Mexico — A social media post by The Kyiv Independent quotes the group Ukrainian Ground Forces as having Mexican fighters as part of their volunteer group in the International Legion.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) said that it has no reports that there are Mexicans enlisted in the Ukrainian armed forces. The report of Mexican nationals joining the Ukraine fight against Russia has been made by several Ukraine agencies including Ukrainian media.

“The first foreigners have joined the International Legion, Ukraine’s volunteer military force, and are fighting outside of Kiev,” The Kyiv Independent newspaper posted on Twitter.

The agency provided a photo and cited their source as the Ukrainian Ground Forces, the ground component of the country’s Armed Forces, however, the SRE of Mexico says they have no knowledge of Mexicans being registered to fight in Ukraine.

According to Ukraine Ground Forces, there are also American, British, Swedish, Lithuania and India volunteers also in the fight against Russia.