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Spanish brand Cannabeer now available in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — After a lengthy approval process, Mexican authorities have approved the country’s first cannabis beer, which has gone national.

The approval process to sell Cannabeer throughout Mexico began in January and has finally been approved. Angélica Gálvez, from the Cannabeer company, said that for three years, the government of Mexico carried out various procedures to ensure the beer product did not include THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects or CBD, the nonpsychoactive component of marijuana.

Angélica Gálvez points out that Cannabeer, contrary to what one might think of a beverage made from hemp seed, does not cause effects beyond that of the alcohol in the beer itself, noting that hemp is not the same as marijuana. Although both are of the cannabis sativa species, hemp does not have THC, the psychoactive substance.

He stressed that hemp seed is recognized for the benefits it provides, such as a high protein content, essential amino acids and three groups of omegas, which is why beer is described as a healthy drink.

The product has been manufactured by hand for five years in Valencia, Spain, however, in order to enter the Mexican market, various permits were processed for over three years, after which it was determined that it represents no risks.

Cannabeer has become the first cannabis product in the country, which can already be found in some restaurants and specialized establishments, as well as online sales and social networks.