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Some Playa del Carmen motorists stranded after two back-to-back cold fronts

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than two dozen calls for help were made to Civil Protection by Playa del Carmen motorists after heavy rains. Two back-to-back cold fronts kept the coastal region soaked with rains as the fronts passed.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Civil Protection personnel attended to more than 25 calls for assistance after motorists became stuck or stranded due to flooded streets.

César Flores, secretary of Civil Protection, explained that city public service personnel along with Playa del Carmen firemen were part of the operation implemented in various areas of the city. While firemen helped motorists, city servants raced against Mother Nature to clear debris from drains.

He said that in some areas, the flooding was so severe, city personnel were sent out in the stormy weather to clean absorption wells to encourage the draining of streets.

The last front is also being considered a possible cause for a boat that sank off the island of Cozumel where one person drowned.

While both fronts have officially passed, another cold front is forecast for the Yucatan Peninsula for Saturday night and into Sunday, bringing with it, more rain.