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Six arrested in recent Cancun bar shootings that left one dead

Cancun, Q.R. — Six arrests have been made in the recent shooting of a Cancun bar that left one dead and several injured. The detainees, five men and one woman, were taken into custody Tuesday by the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) of Quintana Roo.

On Wednesday, the State Attorney General’s Office identified those arrested as Miguel Ángel “N”, Denis Alexis “N”, Carlos Mauricio “N”, Daniel “N”, César Augusto “N” and Paula Goretti “N”.

All are accused of being part of a Cancun bar shooting that left a taxi driver dead and seven others from inside with injuries.

“As a result of investigative work, and in coordination with the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), the arrest of six people probably related to the shooting attack on two bars where one person lost his life and seven more were injured,” the FGE reported.

Theh shootings happened on the nights of October 6 and 8 in Cancun. Arresting officers located a handgun during their detainment, “with which they probably used to shoot at the two bars,” they reported in their statement.

On October 6 of this year, the six are believed involved “when an establishment was shot at in which a taxi driver died and seven people, including diners and workers, were injured.

“Likewise, on October 8, another bar was attacked with gunshots and partially burned with no injuries reported. Through videos it was observed that both acts were committed by two subjects who fled in a vehicle.

“With the support of the C5 video surveillance cameras and in coordination with the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the location of the vehicle in which they fled was achieved in Superblock 228, where the five men and the woman were detained.

“The first acts of investigation indicate that those now detained are part of a criminal group dedicated to extortion and homicides in the area. In addition, these people are allegedly related to the deprivation of the life of a motorcycle taxi driver.

“Those captured, as well as the evidence secured, were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry,” the agency detailed.