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Seven from group busted for drug dealing believed related to Cancun murders

Cancun, Q.R. —  Seven people from a group arrested Friday on drug charges are now being investigated for murder. The group of 13 were taken into police custody Friday in SM 252 for drug dealing.

Since their arrests, the State Attorney General’s Office says seven are now believed connected to city murders. They were arrested by elements of the Investigative Police in collaboration with the State Police on Págalo Street in the Bella Vista subdivision of Cancun.

Detained were Jorge Eduardo “N”, Kevin Mauricio “N”, Michelle Jesús “N”, José Miguel “N”, Luis Alberto “N”, Ismael “N”, Carlos Alberto “N”, Jorge Alberto “N” , Ángeles Trinidad “N”, Minerva “N”, Noriz Beatriz “N”, Maricruz “N” and Lorenzo “N”.

Authorities have not said which of the seven named are believed responsible for city murders, nor have they provided information or a time-frame on those murders.