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Separate hotel generators could solve Isla Mujeres blackout problem

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) says that they have remedied the blackout problems caused by the failure of their mega power plant after it experienced issues that left islanders in the dark.

Over the weekend, the southern portion of the island was left without power, a problem that has become common for island residents. CFE personnel were successful in restoring service, noting that their field personnel were “installing a mobile power plant to carry out repair work without suspending service to customers in the area where the work was being done.”

The CFE superintendent acknowledged the problem of an energy overload and that the cuts were intended to avoid a total collapse of the service. The CFE said that to avoid more power cuts, they would proceed with the installation of power plants in the hotels, which are the largest energy consumers on the island.