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Semarnat donates two plots of land to Tulum for public beach access

Tulum, Q.R. — The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) has allocated two pieces of land to the Tulum City Council to be used as public beaches access points.

The land is located at Tankah and the other in Akumal. Both are inside the municipality of Tulum.

The respective agreements were published June 14 in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). The Tankah IV property has a “surface area of 282.22 square meters of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone, located at kilometer 237 + 400 of the federal highway Cancun-Chetumal,” and is to be used for the service of the municipality of Tulum, the publication details.

The second plot of land is “176.47 square meters of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone located at kilometer 253 + 200 of the federal highway Cancun-Chetumal, Akumal.”

Semarnat specifies that both properties are for the exclusive use of public access to the beach. Neither piece of land can be used to carry out projects or installation or activities other than the specified use for which the land has been granted.

“This agreement only grants the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo, the right to use the area intended for the fulfillment of the object indicated in the first article of this instrument.

“It does not transfer ownership or create any real right in favor of the recipient in terms of the provisions of the General Law of National Assets and other applicable legal systems,” the federal publication specifies.

The donated plots of land become effective for use as of June 15, 2023. According to the decree, Semarnat will monitor compliance with the conditions as set out in the decrees.

At the end of last year, Román Meyer Falcón, head of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) for Tulum, said that there were several key points on 2023 agenda, one of which was to open more beach access points.