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Search continues for American cruise ship passenger missing on island of Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. — The search for a missing American cruise ship passenger on the island of Cozumel continues. Over the weekend, search and rescue teams expanded their search after reports of sightings.

The Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) says authorities continue to look for the missing South Carolina man now with the support of a K9. In a brief weekend statement, the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana said the “SSC maintains a search and rescue operation for missing person in Cozumel.

“The Secretariat of Citizen Security, in coordination with elements of the Secretariat of the Navy, Municipal Police of Cozumel, as well as the support of the K9 Canine Unit, report that the search and rescue protocol continue for a foreigner reported missing April 3 of this year.

“Given this, the commitment to keep the operation underway to find the whereabouts or gather clues that help find the missing person is reaffirmed.”

Brad’s sister, who was with him on the cruise, continues to search. His daughters and other members of the family have flown in and are participating in the Cozumel island search. Some of the sighting tips called in have been of a very similar looking man, but according to family social media posts, have not been Brad.

Police scour back roads and jungle while family members search in the city. Photo: SSC

According to the family, the last official sighting of him was Wednesday afternoon via San Miguel Cozumel city surveillance. A second relatively positive sighting was reported Saturday evening outside a central Cozumel grocery store, however, he ran away as he was being approached.

Family members reported searching that area for more then three hours, coming up empty handed. They have said they believe he has likely been using water facilities at local churches, but are unsure if he has had food since he is without money.

A Cozumel city camera captured Brad walking Wednesday. He is seen wearing his AirTag and cruise ship I.D. around his neck.
Photo: Cozumel City Surveillance Capture April 3, 2024.

While thanking locals for help in the search, the family has also expressed their frustration at the lack of security cameras around the island. “We are exhausted and discouraged that we haven’t found him yet, but we won’t lose hope,” his daughter posted on social media Sunday.

The 66-year-old American man was reported missing April 3 after disembarking from a cruise ship on the island of Cozumel for a day trip. He is reported to have advanced dementia.