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Quintana Roo reaches green at federal level but stays yellow locally

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Even though 10 municipalities registered a decrease in covid figures and the state has been moved to a green epidemiological light at the federal level, it will remain yellow locally.

In his Thursday night briefing, governor Carlos Joaquin noted that that municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto was the only one to register an increase in covid infections. He said that 10 of the state’s 11 municipalities recorded decreases in covid numbers, earning a green light at the federal level.

Locally though, the state will remain yellow he said. “With decreases in the contagion curve for covid-19 and a hospital occupancy rate of 11 percent, Quintana Roo will remain yellow in the State Epidemiological Light during the week of October 4 to 10.”

He also mentioned that the state will appear green at the federal level for the next two weeks, but did not explain the discrepancy.

He said locally, the state is registering between 70 and 100 cases per day, and that the contagion rate in the south went from .8 to .9, and in the north, from .83 to .85 adding that some curves that are on the rise, so the state will remain yellow.

To reach the green color at the state traffic light, the contagion curves and hospital occupancy rates have to be lowered more, said Carlos Joaquín, saying that there has been a stabilization in Quintana Roo that allows further progress in the reactivation of activities and economic recovery.