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Quintana Roo among states reporting lower inflation rates

Mexico City, Mexico — El Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía reports inflation is lower during the first half of January than it has been for the past two years, which is currently at 4.52 percent.

The national statistical institution says that the decrease is the result of lower prices in gasoline, LP gas and tourism services, among others in the first half of the year, which last January, was at 4.83 percent.

The states that reported a decrease in their general price level (deflation) were Baja California with a decrease of -1.37%, Chihuahua -0.42%, Tamaulipas -0.38%, Quintana Roo -0.26% and Chiapas -0.22%.

Those who reported increases in biweekly prices were Guerrero with a rise of 0.99%, Querétaro 0.71%, Durango 0.53%, Michoacán 0.42% and Tabasco 0.41%.

Consumer products that reflected the highest levels of increases include foods such as chilies, onions, bananas and tomatoes, while other consumer items such as cars and restaurants also reported an increase.

Decreased items include high and low octane gasoline, LP gas, air transport, green tomatoes, tourism packages, hotels and warm clothing.