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Puerto Aventuras to have first sets of traffic lights

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Solidaridad Mayor Lili Campos says Puerto Aventuras is in the process of having traffic lights installed. The once-small town has grown and now requires lights to prevent traffic accidents.

In a statement, Campos reported “as a result of coordinated work Puerto Aventuras will have its first traffic lights that, although they help prevent accidents, represent another step towards better services and urban image.”

Puerto Aventuras Mayor, Gilberto Gómez Martínez, said that in addition to the traffic lights, main arteries of the town will be repaved. Better road conditions will help prevent accidents, expedite vehicular traffic and provide greater pedestrian safety.

The placement of the traffic lights began earlier this week and are scheduled to be put into operation in coming weeks. The town’s first sets of traffic lights are being installed at the intersection of Calzada del Sol with Galán de Noche and on the Calzada Puerto Maya crossing with Calzada del Sol.