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Public Cancun bus crashes into car injuring several

Cancun, Q.R. — At least five people were injured, one seriously, after a public bus rammed into a parked car in Cancun.

The accident happened in on Puerto Juarez Avenue in Region 92 when a taxi became embedded under a Maya Caribe public transportation bus. The bus pinned the taxi against the side of a building.

The building, which belonged to the fabric store Modelorama, had one worker outside when the bus suddenly hit. The worker reportedly lost half of their foot. She was rushed to hospital.

Several others, including a baby, were also injured in the crash. They were passengers from the bus. At the time of the impact, a driver was inside the taxi. He too, suffered injuries from being pinned inside his unit.

Firemen were called to the scene to prey open the taxi doors to free him. The reason for the crash remains unclear.