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Profeco reports Walmart leads the way for consumer complaints during Buen Fin 2022

Mexico City, Mexico — More than 70 consumer complaints for non-compliance were received by Profeco, the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office, on the first day of Buen Fin.

Leading the way with the most customer complaints, according to Profeco, was Grupo Walmart. According to the federal agency, of the 72 consumer complaints filed, the suppliers with the most claims during the first day was Walmart with 40 of the 72 they received followed by, Sam’s Club 13 and Bodega Aurrera 3 stores, both of which are also part of the Walmart chain.

Profeco said that although Grupo Walmart maintains an offer campaign independent of the Buen Fin, Profeco likewise maintains attention to consumers who are shopping with that provider.

The products with the highest number of consumer complaints included toys (10), video games/technology (10) and computers and laptops (7).

Of the 72 claims made, 23 were reconciled through the Conciliaexprés tool for immediate dispute resolution, while the rest are in processing.

On the first day, the amount recovered in favor of consumers amounted to $114,241 pesos, while the main reasons for the claims were purchase cancellation (36), breach of offers or promotions (14) and wrong product delivery (5).

In addition, 1,312 consultancies related to consumer rights, guidance for attention from other authorities and services or procedures provided or carried out by Profeco, were provided on the first day.

During the first two days, Buen Fin consumer complaints across Mexico climbed to 230. Profeco reported that computer equipment, clothing and footwear were at the forefront in Buen Fin claims with Hewlett-Packard HP México leading the way with 74 of the 83 complaints made regarding computer and laptops.

Of the 230 complaints, 24 were related to clothing and shoes, while 15 were related to the price of toys. Self-service Walmart stores accumulated another 58, while the chain of Sam’s Club wholesales stores registered 18 more complaints.

Prefeco reported that of the 230 claims in the first two days, 88 were reconciled through the Conciliaexprés tool for an amount of $354,790 peso in favor of the consumer. The rest, they say, are in the process of being resolved.

Buen Fin 2022 runs from November 18 to November 21 across Mexico.