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Profeco notes historical gasoline prices around Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — On Monday, the head of the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (Profeco) reported an increase in gasoline and diesel placing the prices at historical levels.

Profeco head Surit Berenice Romero Domínguez, disclosed a new increase in gasoline and diesel, which, she said, places them in the highest historical average in Mexico.

According to Profeco (the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor), premium gasoline reached a national average of 22.26 peso per liter, hitting a record for the second consecutive week, rising from its previous record high of 22.24.

Romero Dominguez noted that this high national average price is still lower than the gas being sold at a station in Los Mochis, Sinola where Redco Gas is selling premium for 24.34 a liter.

She says that regular gasoline has reached a national average price of 20.53 peso, but that they have found it being sold for as much as 22.08 peso per liter. Diesel is also up, recording its highest average which has reached 21.67 peso per liter.

Profeco pointed out that the highest rate found was at a Pemex gas station in Tepecoacuilco, Guerrero who are selling it for 23.12 peso a liter.