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Police shut down Playa del Carmen club after rescue of 17 and arrest of three

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipal police arrested three men from a club in relation to a human trafficking ring in Playa del Carmen. During their arrests, 17 women of Mexican and Argentinian nationality were removed from the club.

“As a result of an extensive field and office investigation, the State Attorney General’s Office and the National Guard rescued 17 female victims of human trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation during the fulfillment of a search warrant issued by a judge,” the FGE reported in a statement.

“During the fulfillment of this judicial order, the arrest of three Mexican men identified as Luis Alfredo “N”, Emmanuel “N” and Ángel Alberto “N” was also achieved for their probable participation in this illegal act committed in the municipality of Solidaridad,” they said.

The women were removed from a club located on Constituyentes Avenue along the Playa del Carmen federal highway. From inside, 15 women of Argentine nationality and two Mexican women were rescued.

Three were arrested. Photos: FGE May 18, 2024.

According to FGE information, the women were lured by false offers of a job in luxury hotels in Playa del Carmen. Upon arriving in Mexico, supposedly to be on vacation, they were recruited to work exhaustive days in bar-restaurants, taking advantage of the state of vulnerability derived from the lack of employment and poverty in which they lived in Argentina.

The club where they worked has been closed down.