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Police rescue kidnapped man from private Cozumel home

Cozumel, Q.R, — Elements of the Armed Forces along with island police rescued a kidnapped man while arresting one of his captors.

Police report the rescue was made shortly after 5:00 p.m. Saturday at a private home on 8th street north in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood where elements of the National Guard, Secretariat of National Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Ministerial Police and Quintana Roo Police participated.

According to information provided, a man of approximately 25 years of age was rescued from the home where he was found chained. Police had become aware of the kidnapping after area residents saw the man, bound at hands and feet, being lead into the house. They reported the incident to police.

Upon the arrival of police, they located the chained man inside the home. Firefighters were called to assist with the cutting of the chains to free him, while police searched the area for at least one other male who made an escape over the rooftops.

One male captor, who is reported to be of the same age, was taken into custody. Police say in addition to the arrest, they also seized a long gun, drugs and cartridges.

The unidentified man is said to be in good health after his rescue. The arrested man was transferred to State Attorney General’s Office in Cozumel.