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Police locate man who robbed Cancun store at gunpoint

Cancun, Q.R. — An alleged assailant was captured in SM 259 of Cancun after his attempt to flee a recently robbed convenience store failed.

Reports say the man, 37-year-old Charles N from the state of Tabasco, robbed a convenience store at gunpoint, making off with the store’s cash. Patrolling police in SM 102 say they responded to the request for help from the employee, who hailed them on the street, explaining he had just been robbed.

The victim stated that a subject entered the store only moments before, threatened him with a gun and made off with the money from the cash register before getting into a gray Chevrolet car, reciting the car’s plate number.

Police were quick to find the car, intercepting it on a street in SM 259 where the driver was arrested for robbery.