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Police continue search for driver after minivan hit and run

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police continue to look for the driver of a minivan that slammed into two cars and fled. The incident happened Monday night in the Villas del Sol neighborhood of Playa del Carmen.

Residents reported the vehicle hit and run around 10:00 p.m. when they saw the Ford Windstar cause an accident between two cars, then flee. They told police that the driver attempted to make a sudden intersection U-turn to out maneuver an oncoming taxi when the accident happened.

The head-on crash between the two caused the taxi to rebound into a passing truck. The truck came to a stop in the central median of the road. Both the truck and taxi suffered a fair amount of damage.

Police were left with the task of locating the offending minivan driver, who left behind a bumper in the mishap. The driver of the taxi was able to capture the license plate of the Windstar before the driver made a full getaway.

There were no injuries reported, only material damage to the two vehicles involved.