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Police capture Playa del Carmen business extortionist after complaints

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — FGE Investigation Police officers, in coordination with personnel from the Single Command of the Solidaridad municipality, completed an arrest warrant against Víctor L for extortion against local businesses.

In a public statement, the FGE reports the arrest of Victor L for extortion after being reported by various business owners who say he demanded money in exchange for not causing harm.

Police say there are records that Víctor L operated on one of the main avenues of the municipality, saying he was a foreigner and that he was part of a criminal gang, thereby threatening tenants and merchants with physical harm or destroying their business if they did not deliver the cash.

Through intelligence work, it was possible to gather enough data to generate an arrest warrant. Víctor L was captured by state police in the streets of Colonia Colosio.

Among his belongings was found a cell phone through which he made calls to victims and a significant amount of cash, most likely the result of a charge for extortion.