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Police arrest 5 believed responsible for Isla Mujeres murder

Cancun, Q.R. — A strong police mobilization that included a Red Code lead to the arrest of five youths Thursday after police began their search.

Elements of the Quintana Roo police set out in search of the five for their alleged participation in the death of another youth earlier in the week. On Monday, an unidentified young man was found shot to death in the Hacienda Real del Caribe subdivision on Isla Mujeres mainland.

After a search, police were successful in locating the group of five believed responsible. They report the arrests of 33-year-old Carmela, 19-year-old Pamela Isabel, 18-year-old Ricardo, 22-year-old Marco Antonio and a minor, 16-year-old Edwin Jesús.

Upon their arrests, police confiscated drugs, squad-type weapons and bullets.