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Playa del Carmen police capture 3 for theft, drugs, extortion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Attorney General reports the capture of three on drug, auto theft and possible extortion charges. The FGE says Armando V, Martha S and Eddie S were arrested after they were found in possession of more than 100 street doses of drugs.

The arrests took place after the trio were stopped while driving a vehicle with an outstanding theft report. The compact car was reported stolen by its owner from the Villas del Sol subdivision in Playa del Carmen.

Upon inspection, police also found an array of other items, one of which were cards with threatening messages believed used for extortion purposes. Police say they believe these were used in three businesses extortion attempts in Playa del Carmen. They also say they are investigating leads that Armando V, Martha S and Eddie S could be probable participants in at least five damaged Playa del Carmen businesses that refused to pay extortion (floor right) fees.

In an attempt to intimidate business owners, police say they wrote threatening messages claiming to be members of a criminal group. When they failed to get a favorable response,they proceeded to damage the properties in question.

For the State Attorney General’s Office, citizen participation is important, therefore the FGE urges victims to file a formal complaint to ensure those guilty are punished.