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PDC officers catch trio of vehicle break-and-enter suspects

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three men alleged responsible for break and enters of Playa del Carmen vehicles were arrested outside a filter. The trio were taken into custody Thursday from the north PDC Police Filter after an inspection of their vehicle.

When approaching the filter, the driver of the car failed to stop, which lead to a chase. Police eventually caught up with them.

Upon inspection of their vehicle, authorities found several suitcases stuffed with a variety of items including identification cards. According to the SSC (Seguridad Ciudadana Solidaridad), they are being investigated for possible vehicle break-ins.

In a statement, the SSC said “the Solidaridad Municipal Police arrested three subjects who were carrying several suitcases with various identification and items at the Police Filter on the Playa de Carmen – Cancun highway. They are possibly related to theft from inside vehicles.

“Roger “N”, 46 and Ninfa “N”, 26, both from Chetumal, as well as Francisco “N”, 22 from Veracruz, were arrested after Preventive Police officers caught up with them after driving recklessly and without respecting the stop sign when passing through the police filter aboard a SEAT brand car, Ibiza model.

“The subjects had several suitcases, identification and various items on board the vehicle, but when questioned by the police, they adopted an aggressive attitude, which is why they were secured and placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office.”