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PDC mayor calls 248 million of unaccounted coffer money ‘greatest financial loss’

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) is investigating where more than 248.4 million pesos went during the previous administration.

Mayor Lili Campos says the people of Solidaridad should be aware of the findings of the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF). She reported that the ASF has reported damage to the Municipal Public Treasury for 248,430,388 pesos corresponding to fiscal year 2021 of the previous administration.

During her weekly report, Campos referred to the damage as the greatest financial loss that Solidaridad has suffered at the municipal level. Given this, she added, “We will not take the blame. The greatest financial loss in Solidaridad will not be covered and for this reason, we have made several complaints for irregularities that occurred and many of these are before the corresponding authorities.

“One of those complaints is that the delivery-reception process established by law was never carried out,” she reported.

The General Director of Management Control of the Comptroller’s Office, Rubén Tamay, announced that 48 investigation files have been formed for acts of corruption, abuse of functions, electoral crimes, diversion of public resources and breach of contracts.

In addition, 14 complaints were filed for the crime of embezzlement, acts of corruption and possible criminal association that are still in the investigation phase by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

Likewise, the official reported that “from October to December, the amount of 78,237,486 pesos was verified in a supporting, documentary, budgetary and accounting manner, but from January to September, which corresponds to the previous administration, the amount of 248,430,388 pesos corresponding to fiscal year 2021 was not justified where it is presumed that there is damage to the Municipal Public Treasury for said amount, statement of the Audit Superior of the Federation.”

Campos reported that a 2022 audit of the current administration was recently complete in which the correct use of resources was verified.

“This is important to communicate to you because it is part of the work we have been doing and for a body outside the municipal government to say that it is correct, that speaks of transparency, accountability and access to information for the people,” she said.