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PDC firemen continue investigation into morning palapa fire

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Sparks are being blamed for a late morning palapa fire in central Playa del Carmen. On Saturday morning, Playa del Carmen firemen arrived to a building on 38 Avenue and 10 Street where area residents reported the fire.

Building tenants called the fire department after seeing the grass rooftop smoking. Smoke quickly turned to flames which ended up consuming the small palapa structure. However, firemen were able to put it out before the fire moved to other nearby buildings.

According to early information, Civil Protection and firemen continue to work on an official cause which according to available information, could have been an electrical short circuit likely caused by overheating somewhere along the set of lines.

An electrical spark from a nearby pole and set of cables is being looked into as a cause of the fire. Photo: May 18, 2024.

A possible electrical short or overheating in the low-lying cables that hung just above the palapa roof may have set the grass on fire. Local authorities are also looking into the wiring of an old air conditioner that was next to the palapa.