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Pair of Isla Mujeres taxi drivers facing homicide charges

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Two men will stand trial for the murder of a man they are alleged to have abducted and killed. The two men, both local taxi drivers, have been charged in the February death of a man they staged to look like a robbery.

Both Jibran Guadalupe “N” and David “N” are alleged to have abducted a man for his vehicle. The pair kept the man locked up inside the Isla Mujeres taxi base in Punta Sam while they searched his home for the truck ownership papers.

He was then returned to his home where he is believed to have been killed. The pair, according to local authorities, are alleged to have staged the killing to look like a robbery.

In a statement, the State Attorney General reported that Jibran Guadalupe “N” and David “N”, are facing homicide charges.

The two men, “both taxi drivers by trade, who on February 3 of this year, at the Punta Sam taxi drivers base in Isla Mujeres, the accused, in the company of others subjects, kept the victim subdued inside an office.

“Subsequently, they went to look for the papers of the vehicle owned by the victim and then returned to the base where they stripped him of a truck, then took him to his house and deprive him of his life, simulating a robbery.

“It should be noted that field and office investigations indicate that the other participants in this homicide are part of a criminal group that operates in Punta Sam, who use taxis to commit crimes.”