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Pair accused of sexual abuse assault female officer during arrest

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men have been jailed in Cancun after allegations of sexual abuse. The pair were transferred from a private home to a Cancun jail cell after being reported by a woman.

Police attending to the report in SM 216 were from the city’s Specialized Group for Attention to Family and Gender Violence (Geavig). While collecting a statement from the aggrieved, the two men are alleged to have assaulted one of the Geavig officers.

According to preliminary information, the responding officers located the two men accused of attempting to sexually abuse a woman. When approaching them for questioning, one of the men is alleged to have physically assaulted a Geavig (Grupo Especializado de Atención a la Violencia Familiar y de Género) officer by hitting her.

The assaulted officer requested backup. Additional Cancun police officers arrived and moved forward with the arrests of 32-year-old Néstor N and 45-year-old Josué N.