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Over 6 million in washed up cocaine bricks found on Cozumel beach

Cozumel, Q.R. — Nearly three dozen bricks of cocaine have been found washed up on Cozumel beaches estimated worth more than 6 million pesos in street value.

Patrolling military located 22 wrapped bricks of cocaine on an eastern Cozumel beach Wednesday. The bricks were found scattered among rocks, seaweed and other beach debris. A total of 22 bricks labeled “Chango” were collected during that find.

On Thursday, another load was found washed up near Punta Molas. Patrolling members of the Mexican Army secured a total of 12 additional wrapped bricks of cocaine.

They are believed part of the previous find since the Thursday bricks found match the weight and exterior “Chango” labeling of those found Wednesday.

According to released information, “during the coastal reconnaissance on foot carried out by the Personnel of the Cozumel Reaction Force, 12 rectangular-shaped packages were located, wrapped with black rubber and transparent tape, torn on one side, and visible in its interior is a compact, moist white mass that, due to its construction, could constitute some type of narcotic, measuring approximately 22 centimeters long, 14 centimeters wide and 4 centimeters high.”

An additional dozen bricks were found Thursday. Photo: Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional January 25, 2024.

Due to the back-to-back finds, military personnel carried out a search of the east side of the island for additional washed up narcotics. Authorities say the Wednesday find alone has a street value of more than 6.1 million pesos.

On Thursday, patrolling military located 11 bricks of wrapped cocaine off Playa Paraiso in Riviera Maya. National Guards collected a total of 11 one-kilo bricks labeled with a circled photo of a tree.

National Guard secure the area after finding 11 bricks of cocaine on a Playa del Carmen beach. Photo: Guardia Nacional January 25, 2024.

The blocks of drugs were found Thursday around 12:30 on a busy section of Playa del Carmen beach. People at the beach were redirected around the scene until the packages were removed.

A total of 45 cocaine bricks have been found by patrolling military off central Quintana Roo beach areas in the last 48 hours.