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One of two Cancun nightclub kidnapping victims remains missing

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun continue to investigate the disappearance of a man that was allegedly kidnapped from a hotel zone club last week.

The removal of two males who were taken separately from the Plazzo nightclub in the Cancun Hotel Zone occurred July 11. Since then, one of the men has resurfaced and been reunited with his family in Nuevo León.

The second male, 24-year-old student Sahir Alexis López Ruiz also of Nuevo León, remains missing.

In a press conference, the District Attorney of Quintana Roo, Oscar Montes de Oca explained that during the evening of July 11, two men were reportedly removed against their will from the Cancun nightclub. Each was removed separately. One of the men was injured but released, while the second is still missing. Both were visitors to the city.

Members of la Fiscalía General del Estado de Quintana Roo raided the Plazzo nightclub, which is located at Kilometer 9 of the Cancun Hotel Zone, and arrested 29 women and 62 men in an attempt to collect evidence and locate the missing student.

During their raid, police also found a variety of drugs.

During his conference, Montes de Oca explained that a search warrant was granted for them to investigate the premise for the crime of illegal deprivation of liberty against the two men. He explained that the nightclub could lose its operating license if they are found to be involved in organized crime.

“It is a legal process that must be carried through the courts in which they could lose the rights of concession and ownership of the property,” said the prosecutor.

Montes de Oca also clarified that the 24-year-old student was not murdered inside the Palazzo nightclub and confirmed that he continues to be treated as a missing person.

“We continue looking for the young man as a living person of course, until proven otherwise,” said the prosecutor during his press conference.

Four staff members from the Plazzo nightclub have been arrested. Two other people were arrested in another part of the city who are also believed to have participated in the kidnapping.

The Plazzo nightclub remains heavily guarded by police.