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Officials looking to update PDC urban development plan to match growth

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A “pilot program” of the Solidaridad Urban Development Plan (PDU) has been presented to different sectors of Playa del Carmen for modification and expansion in the coming months.

Martha Guadalupe Suárez Dueñas, President of the Riviera Maya College of Architects, says it is very likely that the program will be approved in the next administration.

In a brief interview, Suárez Dueñas pointed out that the current regulatory instrument is outdated and does not correspond to the current development of Playa del Carmen, hence, their insistence to modify it.

She says the current Solidaridad Plan de Desarrollo Urbano (PDU) has not been updated since 2010, which means construction regulations have also not been updated since then, which in the long run has affected the image of the city.

She commented that spaces that should be allocated for green areas that are within the PDU no longer match the development that currently exists.

Suárez Dueñas mentioned that this “pilot program” will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure that the plan corresponds to what is stipulated in the Local Ecological Planning Program.

She stated that in the coming weeks, they will hold workshops that will allow for “amending” of the program as much as possible.