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New wastewater pipeline being installed for Isla Mujeres residents

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Aguakan has announced the delivery of a new wastewater pipeline for Isla Mujeres. The water distribution company says the line is to improve island wastewater service.

“To endorse the social commitment to the community and in coordination with the Isla Mujeres City Council and the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA), Aguakan delivered a new wastewater pipe with a capacity of 10 meters cubic to its branch in this municipality to improve the attention to citizens in the wastewater eviction service,” they said in a Tuesday statement.

With the line, Aguakan says they will be able to guarantee the proper management of sanitary drainage water and care for the environment, preventing contamination of the groundwater and thus, avoiding diseases.

Hugo Sánchez, General Secretary of the City Council pointed out that “the City Council and in coordination with Aguakan we are seeing progress and immediate results in works and infrastructure such as the Convenciones cárcamo in the downtown area and also the Garrafón and Coral cárcamos in the southern zone of the island.

“The delivery of this pipeline will allow the safe transport of sewage for the benefit of the islanders,” he added.

During the announcement of the new line, state and municipal authorities visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Convention Wastewater Cárcamo where an investment of more than $5 million pesos is contemplated and for which Cárcamos of the South Zone, which send wastewater to the Treatment Plant where more than $3 million pesos are currently invested for its modernization.

Paul Rangel Merkley, Director of Aguakan, explained that “due to the tourist development of Isla Mujeres that has generated a population growth, Aguakan invests more than $13 million pesos in the modernization of the Wastewater Treatment Plant that currently has with a treatment capacity of 30 liters per second, and which will double its capacity to treat a flow of 60 liters per second for the benefit of the entire population of Isla Mujeres, in addition this plant will have high technology to comply with the new NOM-001-SEMARNAT-2021.”