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New Cozumel traffic lights up and running after testing

Cozumel, Q.R. — With the goal of improving safety and vehicular flow in the main points of the island, the Municipal Government of Cozumel continues with the addition of traffic lights.

On Monday, the Director of Cozumel Public Works announced the recent addition of lights at the intersection of José M. Morelos Avenue and Las Flores. The lights were added to the new residential subdivisions nearly two weeks ago but were being tested.

The Director of Public Works, Carlos Daniel Pomol Gómez said “the traffic lights at the intersection of José M. Morelos Street and Las Flores Avenue has been in operation since May 21, after a series of tests to ensure its correct operation,” said Pomol Gómez.

He said that the priority of the administration is to guarantee safety and traffic flow on the main avenues of the island. He said work on the installation of traffic lights has been based on citizen opinion.

Other recent traffic light additions include the intersection of Juárez Avenue and Félix González, as well as the modernization of the traffic light at the intersection of Claudio Canto and Rafael E. Melgar Avenues.

These new traffic light uses an intelligent system with cameras and sensors to speed up traffic when vehicle flow is low.

The old traffic lights could be relocated to other points on the island where increased vehicle traffic has been identified or where multiple accidents have been recorded, he said.

The new lights underwent two weeks of testing. Photo: June 3, 2024.

Some of these points include the intersection of Claudio Canto Avenue and 65th Avenue and the corner of 20th Avenue and 11th Street. Feasibility studies are currently being conducted at these and other points.