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New Chinese automaker sets ‘one dealership in each state’ goal for Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — Chinese car manufacturer Jaecoo is anticipating the sale of 8,000 of their vehicles this year in Mexico. The company is also hoping to expand from its current four state locations to all 32 states along with the possibility of a plant.

With the launch of its Jaecoo 7 all-terrain vehicle, the Jaecoo brand joins the car companies from China that have arrived in Mexico in recent years.

The Chinese auto manufacturer Jaecoo, sister brand of Omoda and part of the International Chirey Group, officially began sales this month with the launch of the all-terrain vehicle.

Gabriel Ríos, Jaecoo Vice President, says the company is hoping to win over young Mexican buyers.

“We have a very ambitious plan. In fact, in 2024, we are aspiring to sell between 5,000 and 8,000 units. It is a little premature to talk about exact figures, but we do have a very strong ambition,” he said during a Jaecoo Mexico interview.

“The Mexican market is very strategic for us, not only for Chirey but for Jaecoo. Mexican buyers have a more open mind to accept the new. We are very confident that Omoda Jaecoo will be accepted by Mexicans,” added Shawn Xu, Vice President of Chery International and CEO of Jaecoo International.

The automaker is currently in talks with various federal and state government representatives to develop a brand in Mexico, which includes building up to 40 distributors.

If successful, Jaecoo could also build a plant on Mexican soil.

“We are studying the selection of the site. We have a couple of options here, we are going to continue studying. Different levels of government, federal and state, have supported us.

“We have a plan for a technical team to come from China to Mexico to carry out studies here, so this year we will have the project concluded,” commented Alex Lee, Business Director of Chirey México.

Currently, they have dealerships in four states but are looking to expand into every state in Mexico. Jaecoo shipped an initial 500 units of their all-terrain vehicle to distributors in Jalisco, Guanajuato, Puebla and CDMX.

Ríos added that “this is the beginning of a new stage for us. With the opening of these dealerships, we show our commitment to being able to offer Jaecoo in different parts of the Republic, and this is just the beginning since our goal for 2024 is to have 40 dealers, at least one in each state.”