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Municipality of Tulum debt free after paying 67 million in outstanding taxes

Tulum, Q.R. — The municipality of Tulum is officially debt free. On Thursday, Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo reported paying the nearly 70 million pesos owed to SAT.

This week, the municipal government, which is headed by Diego Castañón Trejo, made the payment of more than 67.5 million pesos to settle the municipality’s outstanding debt since 2015.

For nearly eight years, the municipality of Tulum has been racking up interest in unpaid taxes to SAT. The outstanding debt, according to Castañón Trejo, was from prevoius administrations.

 In a recent meeting between Mayor Castañón Trejo and the Tax Administration Service (SAT), an agreement was made to settle the debt. Castañón Trejo said the outstanding balance paid was 67,501,441 pesos, which included fines, updates and surcharges.

He said in light of compliance, the Tulum Municipal Government is officially free of debt.

In June, the municipality of Puerto Morelos also faced a similar situation, arranging for payments to cover outstanding municipal debt left from previous administrations. Earlier this month, Puerto Morelos City Council voted in favor of requesting a 20 million peso loan to cover SAT back taxes.