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MKDC opens second plant and announces $70 million expansion investment

Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila — Korean company MKDC Kodaco has announced the opening of a second plant and an expansion investment of $70 million. The expansion plant is expected to open in 2024 creating 600 new jobs.

Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, the Governor of Coahuila, attended the March 1 inauguration of the company’s second plant. While there, he also celebrated the company’s announcement of a $70 million USD expansion investment.

“I would like to seal my commitment with Kodako to guarantee its operations through the improvement of our indicators, strengthening security and qualified labor,” he said during the opening of the second plant.

MKDC Kodaco specializes in the manufacturing of vehicle parts. Company president, Kwi Seung, said that in two years they will be producing at one hundred percent of their capacity.

“The investment that MKDC announces today is a clear sign that Coahuila and Ramos Arizpe are fertile ground for business development, and I am sure that it will greatly strengthen the value chain of our local industry,” said José María Morales Padilla, the Mayor of Ramos Arizpe.