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MIA Reef hotel staff at Isla Mujeres stop work until contracts reviewed

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Workers of the MIA Reef hotel at Isla Mujeres were part of a work stoppage on Monday. Hotel staff stopped work in exchange for a salary review, contractual review and withdrawal of payments through outsourcing. Workers stressed if the reviews were not made, they would begin with staggered stoppages indefinitely.

Just over 50 union workers from different areas of tourism carried out the one-day strike in demand of a salary and collective bargaining agreement review, in addition to requesting that the employer substitution be addressed by virtue of the company using outsourcing for payments and registration of personnel.

Noel Pinacho Santos, Secretary of the Interior of the Delegation 35 of the CROC Union explained that all the changes that are required of the companies are for the benefit of workers in general, both unionized and trust, by virtue of the new Federal Labor Law, which eliminates outsourcing.

With outsourcing, employees are not registered with the IMSS according to the nominal salary, but with a lower one, which affects the worker’s Infonavit, Fonacot and some pensions.

He added that managers were not agreeing to make significant changes to the benefits and wages of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but said he will represents the workers to try to reach an agreement.

By the end of day, Pinacho Santos said that negotiations with the managers of the Mia Reef Hotel were progressing in a favorable way for the workers and that there was no need for a second day of work stoppage.