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Mexican peso most appreciated globally during 2023

Mexico City, Mexico — President López Obrador is celebrating Mexico’s global peso strength during 2023. López Obrador highlighted the strength of the Mexican peso on the penultimate day of 2023, a year characterized by the historic levels of the national currency against the dollar.

“During 2023, the Mexican peso has been positioned as the most appreciated in the world after decades of continuous devaluation in previous presidential terms,” he reported.

Through social networks, López Obrador shared a comparison of World of Statistics reported on X, which presents Mexico as the leading country in the ranking with an appreciation of 12.8 percent in relation to the US dollar.

In the same classification is Brazil in second place with 8.2 percent followed by the United Kingdom, 5.2 percent, the European Union, 3.1, Canada, 2.2 percent and Indonesia, 1 percent.

Other countries such as India, South Korea, China, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey registered negative percentages against the dollar.

Prior to the New Year celebrations, López Obrador said that people are “happy and shopping in the streets and squares,” which reflects greater purchasing power among Mexican families, adding that there is no consumer crisis.