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Mayor working to remove parking meters from Playa del Carmen neighborhoods

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Steps are being taken to remove parking meters from at least three Playa del Carmen neighborhoods. In a news brief, mayor Lili Campos made mention of the move that will see the meters taken out of areas “where they should not be.”

Campos said she has already begun the steps to have the meters, which are owned by Playaparq, removed from the Colosio, Zacil-Há and some parts of the Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhoods.

She said that these areas have parking meters installed, despite being outside the tourist area, and therefore, should be excluded from charging for parking.

“Something that I am managing is the parking meters that are not in the tourist areas,” said Campos Miranda.

During her briefing, she also mentioned that there will not be an expansion of parking meters in the number of meters or in areas. She said those topics are not part of the negotiations with the concessioned company.