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Maya Train workers trapped under rebar back on the job

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Maya Train construction workers hit by a wall of rebar have been discharged from hospital. The three workers were left trapped under hundreds of pieces of the reinforcement bars after a wall they were building collapsed.

The work site accident happened on the morning of February 8 when a retaining wall being built along section 6 of the Maya Train collapsed. Hundreds of pieces of rebar fell with the concrete structure, landing on three nearby workers.

At least two of the workers were left trapped under the steel rods. Workmen and heavy machinery were used to free the men who were taken to a Chetumal hospital. According to Tren Maya, they were not seriously injured.

In a statement by Tren Maya, they said all three workers were treated and released the same day.

“Regarding the incident in Section 6, Tren Maya clarifies that the event occurred on the morning of February 8 and there were 3 workers involved who were transferred to IMSS No. 149 and were discharged the same day as they did not present serious injuries.

One of the three workers is seen here trapped under hundreds of pieces of collapsed rebar. Photo: February 8, 2024.

“The incident was due to the fact that during the assembly of a retaining wall, one of the tensioners that held the rods that would make up the wall broke, causing them to fall.”