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Man bleeds to death outside Cozumel convenience

Cozumel, Q.R. — UPDATED: Staff inside a Cozumel convenience store called emergency services Sunday after seeing a bleeding man. The man, who was outside the store, caught their attention when he began pounding on the glass doors.

Seeing that he was bleeding, staff called for help. Both police and medical personnel arrived in the San Gervasio area where they located the man laying at the store’s entrance.

The man, identified only by a local nickname, was found with cuts to his arms. Paramedics arrived and began treatment, however, he died. Local media said his death was being treated as a suicide, however, authorities have clarified that was not the case.

The man did sustain cuts to his arms, but the cuts were from his attempt at breaking the glass doors. Staff from inside the store told police the man had tried to break the door using a screwdriver. When that failed, he hit the glass until it broke.

He sustained severe cuts to his arms, which resulted in him bleeding to death outside the front doors. The State Attorney General’s Office has reported the official cause of death as hypovolemic shock.