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Man with kidnapped woman ends up in police custody after failed attempt to avoid Playa del Carmen checkstop

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A subject who tried to evade an afternoon police checkpoint installed along an inner-city Playa del Carmen roadway was apprehended after a brief chase.

The man driving the SUV was taken into police custody over the weekend after a failed attempt to avoid the police check stop. When authorities caught up with the vehicle along Arco Vial, which ended the chase after crashing into a pole, they found him in possession of a loaded firearm and a kidnapped woman.

Reports say upon seeing police, the woman was responsible for struggling with the driver of the Chiapas-plated SUV, causing him to crash in a bid to escape. Once the man was detained, the woman explained that she had just been forced into the vehicle against her will.

Two other men from inside the SUV were successful at fleeing the scene. Police continue to search for them.