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Man sentenced to nine years in Cancun prison for harboring illegal migrants

Cancun, Q.R. — A man found guilty of human trafficking has been sentenced to nine years in Cancun prison. The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in Quintana Roo reported the sentence of Ricardo “R” Tuesday.

Ricardo “R ” has been sentenced for his “full responsibility in the commission of the crime of trafficking in undocumented immigrants, in its modality of shelter, with aggravating circumstances.”

According to the investigation, Ricardo “R” was detained by State Police in SM 250 of Cancun earlier this year after police were tipped off. The citizen tips reported a home in Villas del Mar Plus Fractionation of Cancun housing numerous foreigners.

The report also included allegations of violence coming from inside the house.

When police arrived at the address, they observed Ricardo “R” leaving the house. However, “upon noticing the police presence, he tried to flee, for which he was persecuted and arrested,” the FGR reported.

“Inside the home there were 22 foreigners, 16 from India and six from Brazil, who were being sheltered.” A review of their immigration status showed an illegal stay.

Ricardo “R” is currently serving his time in the CERESO, the Centro de Reinserción Social prison of Cancun.