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Man arrested after Cancun gas attendant robbed of cash at gunpoint

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who robbed a woman of her cash at a Cancun gas station in SM 509 has been arrested by police.

The man, who fled on a motorcycle with another male, was tracked down by police after they saw a woman requesting their help. Cancun police were patrolling the area when the woman caught their attention, detailing that she had just been robbed of her cash by two men on a motorcycle.

In her testimony, the Cancun gas attendant said that she was returning from making change for a customer in his vehicle when two subjects on motorcycle pulled up and threatened her with a gun. She was stripped of her cash. They fled.

Cancun police began a search operation, managing to detain one of the males alleged involved in the robbery. Police say 29-year-old Carlos N, originally from the state of Yucatan, was taken into custody and his bike seized. He was placed at the disposal of the corresponding ministerial authority.