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Loose horse in Cancun traffic leaves damages and injuries

Cancun, Q.R. — At least two cars were damaged Monday after a runaway horse became part of Cancun traffic. The drivers of the cars were sitting at a red light and were simply in the way of a horse that had escaped its private pasture.

In a panic, the horse began to rear, causing various degrees of damage to the two waiting vehicles on Lombardo Toledano Avenue. Cancun police were made aware of the unusual Monday afternoon mishap, responding to numerous calls about the loose horse.

People in the area were able to capture the animal and tie it to a tree in a green area while they waited for city police and the animal’s owner. Three people from inside the two damaged cars were also injured by the horse.

One of the cars had its back window completely knocked out, while the second car suffered front end metal and glass damage. The horse received injuries to his front right leg, which was taken care of on site.

The owner, who did arrive, will be held responsible for damages.