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Large shipment of CBD from Miami located in Cancun bound for PDC

Cancun, Q.R. — A shipment of boxes arriving in Cancun from Miami have been seized by the National Guard. On Tuesday, the shipment, which was destined for an address in Playa del Carmen, was confiscated after authorities found envelopes of CBD.

In a statement, the agency reported “personnel from the National Customs Agency of Mexico intercepted in Cancun, around 1,500 envelopes with apparent CBD, a substance derived from cannabis, prohibited by the General Health Law.

“The finding was registered at the Customs offices within the facilities of the Cancun International Airport where personnel, with the support of a canine, carried out the routine review.”

It was during the review that the boxes were found. The National Guard said law in Mexico expressly prohibits the importation of cannabis in any of its forms, derivatives or preparations.