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Judge grants definitive suspension against construction of Cozumel pier

Cozumel, Q.R. — Judge Pamela López Swain granted Amparo petitioners a definitive suspension on a fourth pier for the island of Cozumel. On Monday, the judge ruled her decision, suspending all work on the project until the Amparo is resolved.

The Amparo against the fourth pier project, which when built would allow additional cruise ships to dock, was granted to the citizen group in January of this year who claimed the Right to the City of the people of Cozumel was not respected and the project put the island’s ecosystem at risk.

“Judge López Swain considered that, with the suspension granted, irreparable damage to the environment is avoided, the matter of the trial is kept alive and an effective protection of the fundamental right to the environment is allowed.

“In addition, the precautionary principle is observed as one of the guiding axes in environmental law, as well as the interest of society, since in the case, the effects of the claimed acts can cause irreparable damage to the adjacent environment of the ecosystem in which the people promoting the amparo inhabit,” members of the Isla Cozumel Citizen Collective quoted the judge as saying.

Due to ongoing citizen objections, it is the second stall against the company Muelles del Caribe for the construction of the maritime terminal. The next hearing is scheduled for April 27.